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Episode Summary: All forces from various nations have banded to take down Babalun before he revives the Sacred Mechalord Gaia. The Swan and Kenshi make haste to stop Gaia's revival, but are stopped in their tracks by Dagmyer as he comes to duel Kenshi. With much ease, Dagmyer is defeated, at this point realizing how strong Kenshi really is. However, Gaia has been revived with Doll inside of it. Kenshi faces off against Doll and to everyone's astonishment, Kenshi is fighting on par with Doll. The tables are later turned when Babalun with merges with Gaia and begins to overpower him. Kenshi decides to go all out while Gaia continues to regenerate. He later hears Doll/Mexiah asking him to save her from Babalun/Gaia. In the midst of the battle, Kenshi goes berserk and generates a Light Hawk sword, causing him to destroy the main core of Gaia and save Doll/Mexiah, who both have fallen in love with Kenshi. Babalun later emerges from the scraps, vowing to kill Kenshi, but Ulyte intervenes and kills Babalun, at which point he collapses and reveals his true identity as Rea Second. As all of the girls scream for Kenshi with their affection, Lashara, Maria, Yukine, Mexiah, Chiaia, Aura and Wahan all fight over who owns Kenshi, at which point Lithia points out that she, Morga and all the other girls in the Academy also want ownership and marriage rights to Kenshi. As they come to a decision that whoever catches him gets him first, Kenshi runs for it as Rea watches in amusement.

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