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"He Who Must Work......"
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Episode Summary: Lashara decides that Kenshi should work to "earn" his meals, and is later introduced to the Headmistress of Holy Land Academy where he is later assigned various jobs on his first day. Not only he is demonstrating all expertise in all areas of work, he becomes famous among the staff members and those who study at the academy. During the process of Kenshi's pay going towards Lashara, she realizes how much money Kenshi has made and decides to make him continue working. Kenshi is later introduced to Lithia Po Cheena, the daughter of the Pope and President of the Student Council, and her assistant Lapis. Later, he is hypnotized by Mexiah to become a "massaging machine", which he gives to Chiaia, Aura, Lithia, Yukine, Wahanly and some other girls. After the massages, all the girls have suffered some orgasmic effects to the point the Headmistress stops Kenshi from giving any more massages (although he has been booked to give massages to those who want it just before their marriages). Later on, Mexiah clings to Kenshi and asks him to run away with her, at which Wahanly, Chiaia, Lithia, Yukine and Maria attack both of them for giving them such erotic massages. They begin destroying areas of the Academy until they are reprimanded by the Headmistress, who later bans them (sans Kenshi) from going into the Academy until all damages are fixed.

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