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Episode Summary: Babalun succeeds in taking over the Holy Land and now has the Shield of Gaia in his possession. The Church begins debating on what actions must be taken to defeat him and take back the Holy Land. Meanwhile, Lashara is uneasy; after what happened with Kenshi revealing to be a Sacred Mechamaster and showing his capabilities, she is unsure as to whether he will continue to be her servant now that the other nations know about him. Chiaia, still reeling from Dagmyer's betrayal, has talked with Dagmyer about why he has aided his father, at which point she is persuaded to kill Kenshi. While Kenshi is asleep, Chiaia sets off to kill him, but could not do so after realizing that he is too innocent. Chiaia later tells Dagmeyer that she will not follow him, at which point Dagmyer reveals his true intentions and the Swan attacks at full force to get Chiaia back. Kenshi, already on the scene, defeats Dagmyer's guards and rescues Chiaia. Doll later appears before Kenshi with the Shield of Gaia, and its destructive force forces Kenshi and the Swan to make a hasty retreat to Shurifon, Aura's home. Late at night, Kenshi and Chiaia have a brief chat. During the chat, Chiaia recognizes the red cord on Kenshi's necklace and realizes she has feelings for him. After arriving in Shurifon, Kenshi is later challenged by King Shurifon, Aura's father, to see if he has what it takes to be a true warrior. Kenshi easily wins and the King decides to have Kenshi and Aura engaged. However, Doll and other enemy Seikijin show up.

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