Ixion Saga DT Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Erecpyle Dukakis"

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Episode Summary: Erecpyle awakens in a hospital to discover that one of his testicles was removed following Kon's cheap shot, and swears vengeance upon him. Back in town, Kon and Sainglain test out their newly acquired "Alma Gear" sword, but are unsure of how to unlock its power. Kon considers leaving the princess's entourage, but his resolve is tested again when Erecpyle reappears, piloting a Chariot (tank) and wrecking the town due to his imbalance caused by losing one of his testicles.

4 Responses to “Ixion Saga DT Episode 2”

  1. Nosile

    Oct 14th, 2012

    he is no longer a man T.T

  2. Were-ram

    Oct 14th, 2012

    ud think that he would have compensated once he realized his balance was, ahem, “off” o well rocket hammer rock thing skill learned >:O

  3. lolz

    Oct 14th, 2012

    Damn I can’t believe I feel so bad about the antagonist’s testicle condition. It’s supposed to be funny.. but it feels wrong.. (Dude here)

    I hope they soon develop magical Alma balls there that acts just like the real thing..

  4. Zathiel

    Oct 16th, 2012

    ahahaha erec-sama your balls has been destroyed XD

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