Ixion Saga DT Episode 25 English Subbed

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"Kon of Knack"

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Episode Summary: Archbishop Taulepton and Ulga Sorority unleash their final weapon: the ultra giant Forezo. Kon must defeat it, as even his fellow Hyperions are unable to dent it. He ends up convincing it to be peaceful, as it was really just misguided. A final battle begins between Incognito and Kon's party, but Marian agrees to transfer her balls to E.D. Kon says goodbye to his friends and Erec's group, and is returned to his room, almost convinced that the world was a dream. However, he still feels the last slap from Ecarlate. The episode ends with a joke about a second season 10 years in the future, with a grown up Princess Ecarlate, but no second season is confirmed.

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