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"I Want a Mirror Ball Deco!"
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Episode Summary: In the small village called Jewel Town, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie got together at the Kira Kira Shop on where she works. The three discussed about their brightly decorated Jewel Pods until Labra and Angela arrives. They then later go and watch a TV show from the human world through the moon using special glasses, but then get confused as they noticed strange disturbances on the broadcast. The next day, Sapphie is about to go to class as she noticed a slideshow that fell out of the bookshelf. Curious, she showed it to the rest of her friends, explaining about the Legend of the Jewelpets and the Mirror Ball. Because of this, Ruby and her friends all go on a search for the fragments of the Mirror Ball all over Jewel Land, but they later met up with strange individuals from the human world called the KiraDeco 5. As Ruby feels confused about the visitors, what are their motives and why they did arrive in Jewel Land?

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