Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Coal's Counterattack Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Pink and her friends again attended another lesson in the academy until they saw Coal behaving strangely. Her friends noticed the cloud above him that was causing his gloomy attitude and Ruby tries to blow it away with her magic, but failed. Coal then goes berserk and starts to destroy the place, but Ruby and her friends tried to calm him down to a couple of places to suit his interests. Again, they all failed as Coal's black cloud didn't go away, but it did lifted up his spirits. However due to these events, Decoranian wasn't satisfied on his change of attitude and scolded Coal on his failures. The Leader decided to power up his Jewel Pod so he can cause more havoc as Coal agrees to plan a counterattack against Pink and her friends. As Pink's group meet Coal and learned more about Decoranian, Coal unleashed his magic and created black clouds to destroy Pink and her friend's relationship with each other. What is Decoranian's true intentions on the Deco Stones and will the gang ever defeat Coal this time?

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