Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 11 English Subbed

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"Pink has no clothes Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Summer has come to Jewel Town and Pink is admiring the weather as she tends the Kira Kira Shop. Ruby appears, being a T-shirt as Pink decides to go to the mall and shop for new clothes. As they both went into the Mall in Jewel Town, Ruby noticed a strange photo of Pink during her childhood as Pink takes it from her. She then showed Pink to a specialty fashion store as they were greeted by Kris and Ruby lets pink in the changing rooms to put on her new clothing for a while. Coarumi (Coal in disguise) enters the shop and buy some black Lingerie while eying on the White Rabbit's actions. As Coarumi left, Pink came out of the room with the dress being too small. Kris suggested that they should went to Topaz so they can make the clothing Pink wanted. Pink and ruby left the shop, but Pink tripped and fell into mud puddle, ruining her clothes. Back at the shop, Pink is all naked and her clothes were being dried in the sun. Ruby herself went to Topaz's shop and consulted to her about Pink's clothing problem but she said no. But after Ruby convinced her, Topaz said that the only way for her to create Pink's new clothing is to get a certain item. Will Ruby get the said item for Topaz to make Pink's clothing?

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