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"Sheriff Jasper Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Jasper, a Cheetah Jewelpet arrived at Jewel Town last night after his long journey. The next morning, Pink and Ruby were about to have pudding when suddenly it disappeared. Also, mysterious disappearance cases were happening all over Jewel Town. At the Police Station, Midori is practicing himself as he tries to get stronger and wants to defeat Retsu. Labra and Angela then came and ask him if he can slice the watermelon until Ruby appeared and told them about the disappearing items. Even both Labra and Angela doesn't know about it until the thief stole the watermelon. As the situation gets worse in the town square, the Jewelpets saw the one who's responsible for stealing their items: Tata. Midori himself challenged the Jewelpet to a fight, but failed as Tata's speed overwhelmed him. As Tata is about to deliver the final blow, Jasper then appeared and blocked his attack, saving Midori. He then goes and fight Tata and successfully catches him, while Midori is amazed on his moves. Later at the police station, Midori admired on how good Jasper's moves were back then when Tata escaped from prison and again caused havoc. Midori tries to stop him but Tata throws the watermelon onto him when Jasper blocks it, injuring him. Later that night, Jasper is being nursed back to health thanks to Coarumi while Midori not around. As everyone is asleep, Jasper left the police station and go the forests, where he saw Midori angry on what happened. With Tata still on the lose, how will Jasper and Midori catch the rogue Jewelpet?

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