Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 14 English Subbed

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"Ruby and Opal are Stuck Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Opal is in the Jewel Town Mall and still remembers the humiliation she got from Ruby that time she first met her. She then encountered Io and informed her about the Miss Jewel Town contest that will be held soon. Opal herself will use this chance to get her fame back. On the other hand, Ruby and Pink were also informed about the contest by Sapphie and both decided to join despite Pink's utter shyness. Ruby herself is rehearsing for her act in the contest holding some sort of glue on her paw until Opal and Io came. The Rabbit Jewelpet accidentally tripped and crashed into Opal, the next thing they knew is they're stuck together. Everyone tried to separate them together with no avail, even with magic until Sapphie told them to endure each other and settle their differences so she can develop an antidote. Opal agrees sadly and she showed Ruby to her home. While stuck, Opal starts to endure Ruby's behavior in a sad and hilarious way, even making her more embarrassed to the public. Now how will the two Jewelpets get out of this sticky situation?

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