Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 16 English Subbed

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"Heartbeat Senior Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Io has some problems with his feelings, concerning about Opal and Coal. As both Jewelpets appeared, the two questioned him about who likes him the most until Coal got angry and devised a new plan that can turn Jewel Town upside down. At the Kira Kira Shop, love is in the air as Ruby and her friends look at the two lovebirds while talking discussing about Romance. As they saw the lovebirds argue, this again gave Pink bad memories of her childhood and notices Pink's behavior on decorating everything in anger. Back at Coal's place, Coal enjoying his coffee as he left the place after he smelled something strange. Pink on the other hand is remembering herself of her bad days in the Human World about her failed attempts to friends with the guy of her dreams due to her size a Coal spies on her and casts a dark cloud onto Pink and puts her into a trance. In her dream, she finds herself back at the human world and seen that she is now an adult. She then again met the man of her dreams and they both talk and spend time to each other. Morning came and Ruby questioned about Pink's dirty feet as she has no idea on what happened yesterday and Ruby and her friends are getting suspicious on what's happening to her each night. Unknown to them, Pink is in a continuous dream trance, being manipulated by Coal's magic to make her steal the Deco Stones. Will Ruby and her friends do something to break the trance and wake her back into reality? Or will she'll be stuck forever on Coal's dream trance and be his slave?

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