Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 17 English Subbed

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"I love Teacher Coarumi Deco!"
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Episode Summary: After the failure of Coal's last mission to get the Deco Stones, he himself is getting punished by the Decoranian once again. The mysterious leader of the group gives him another chance to get the remaining Deco Stones as Coal resumes his disguised form, Coarumi to actually trick the Jewelpets on trusting him. Back at Jewel Town, Io is leading Opal into the classroom once again for another class session as Ruby arrives. Ruby and her friends notices Io's strange admiration over Opal until Coarumi enters the classroom and greeted her students. As everyone admires her, Io is starting to have feelings for her. Later on, the class is having a big soccer practice match as hilarity ensures, and Io still admiring on the busty Jewelpet, not knowing it was Coal all along. As the practice match begins with Ruby's Team against Opal's, both thew Jewelpets and the humans did their best to score, but Io himself is getting distracted by Coarumi's action, resulting to get hit by the ball and fell unconscious. Io then woke up in the infirmary after the strange dream as he is greeted by Ruby, Pink and Opal. Embarrassed and also hurt, Coarumi came and started treating his wounds, not knowing that Io is having a lot of feelings to her, thought this makes Opal really jealous as later on break off with Io. How will this turn out in the end and resolve the love triangle?

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