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"Sweetspet Sakuran Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Sakuran, a Sweetspet from the island nation of Sweetsland is coming to Jewel Town for a visit with one problem, her whole body is as hard as a rock, making her problems even worse on her visit for the Tanabata Festival. Back at Jewel Town, Ruby and Pink were selling stuff for the festival on their stand. As Sakuran arrives at Jewel Town, she then started to look for Ruby's place to stay in until she encountered Ruby and Pink. As Pink and Ruby feel hungry, they then wants to eat the said Sweetspet and attracted the attention of everyone in town. She gave them her own mochi but they can't eat it due to how hard it is, and almost broke their teeth. Sakuran explained to then about her situation and everyone decides to help soften her up. Kiichi's plan first is to soften her through a hot pot method, but failed. The next attempt is at a beauty shop where Blue Knight decides to give her a massage, thought it was a success on making her fluffy again, it also failed as she goes back to her rocky state. They then consulted Retsu, but that didn't help her situation either. Ruby then used her magic to Sakuran to soften her up once more, but failed as it backfired and turned Sakuran's body into a more Glass-like state. With no options left, everyone were stuck in a really tight situation as Sakuran endured her rocky state. How will the Jewelpets bring her fluffiness back?

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