Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 20 English Subbed

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"Call Me Princess Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Coal went to the forest one night during a storm and cast a dark cloud into a mysterious being, controlling it for a very special task. At Garnet's house, Garnet is relaxing herself in the tub until Blue Knight brought her some bubble bath as the cat Jewelpet got embarrassed and shut off the curtains. Later on, Ruby and Pink arrived at Garnet's home as the duo greeted them for a special dinner. As Blue showcased his skills, both Pink and the Jewelpets were amazed on how much he improved. After the dinner, Garnet is showing a lot of admiration towards Blue, thought it didn't go well as he went to Ruby. But when the lightning destroyed part of the Chandelier's foundation, Blue acted fast and shielded his friends using a table cloth as it crashed into the table. Blue explained to them that Garnet's life is being targeted by someone who wants her dead as he passed the letter to Pink and reads it. Ruby and Pink then agreed to stay at Garnet's house to protect the feline Jewelpet from harm. As they received another letter from the killer, they all went to another safe spot, however, the killer knows where they were hiding and plans its moves in advance. What is the killer's motive on wanting Garnet deader than a mouse?

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