Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 21 English Subbed

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"Sorry I can't say it Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Ruby showed to Pink something, a picture of her when she was young, making Pink embarrassed as she scolded Ruby badly. The two get into a serious argue and then grabbed Ruby's Jewel Pod, pulled out the deco she put in it and throw it away somewhere before she runs away. Ruby was mad too on how Pink reacted. Meanwhile, King, a French Bulldog Jewelpet has finally arrived in Jewel Town, until he hides in the bushes when Angela and Labra were passing through. King read the pamphlet the two were spreading and saw he was mentioned. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, Ruby discusses her problems about Pink with Garnet and Sapphie, with the three of them feeling sorry on whatever happened to her in the past. Angela and Labra came and delivered more pamphlets, shocking and embarrassing Ruby as she was on the headlines about her wetting her bed. Opal and Io then decided to put the pamphlet online to further blackmail the white rabbit, on her dismay. Then Ruby remembered something similar on how Pink reacted to the picture she put up in the shop. As she is searching for Pink's deco, she encountered King and remembered that he was in the pamphlets and the two have a talk. Meanwhile, Pink encountered Retsu as she was dragged along to search for the Deco Stones and takes her to his home later on, only finding out it wasn't maintained as it should be. Back at the shop, Ruby tries to make a bargain as she trades away all of her deco, along with her decorations to her Jewel Pod to King. King then got his eyes on then Deco Stones as she traded one for the crystal arm. Pink, later on, decides to stay at Sapphie's place as Ruby calls them out. Pink and Ruby had a talk but didn't ended well. Will Ruby ever gain Pink's trust back, at the cost of their Deco Stones?

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