Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 23 English Subbed

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"Popularity Triumphs Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Charlotte, a Honey Bee Jewelpet and a known Honey Hunter has come to Jewel Land where she is found by Midori. She started to fall in love to the human boy, knowing she found her honey of love. Next thing at the School Tent, Corubi is discussing something important to her students, about finding love. Charlotte flew in and hugged Midori in the face, to his surprise that she still has a big crush on him. Ruby and Sapphie greeted her and Charlotte keeps on flirting with Midori. Meanwhile, Retsu is still searching for the rest of the Deco Stones on a cliff until he calls his younger brother, annoying Midori even more than ever while he recalls his sad days back on Earth on how Retsu is better than him. After class, Pink and her friends were now talking about love letters and falling in love with someone thought this makes Pink angry. Midori was greeted again by Charlotte and he diverse a plan to make his brother jealous. Retsu then called Midori and annoyed him again, with Charlotte starting to admire Midori and worst of all—his big brother. The next day, Midori and Charlotte were having their time together beside the lake and tasting one of Charlotte's honey. She then showed him a special honey called the Centipule Honey that can make any girl fall in love to him. He tasted the honey and Charlotte won his heart and claiming his as her Boyfriend. Even worse, his time with Charlotte is making two certain Jewelpets—jealous and hungry.

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