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"As I dance Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Opal is reading a story about a dance between a princess and the prince, which is based a special event happening in Jewel Land several eras ago. Pink, also wondered about that day and the dance and every girl are preparing for the dance. The next day, the preparations for the dance is going smoothly in Garnet's mansion and Blue Knight is making sure everything is well decorated. The two then received a letter from Coal and said he's gonna steal the Deco Stones tonight. Coal, after sending the letter, is determined that tonight will be his chance to get all the Deco Stones to be sent to Decoranian. For Garnet, they must make sure that the Deco Stones are guarded safely during the dance and make sure Coal doesn't steal them as Angela, Labra and Jasper were assigned to guard the place. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, Ruby and Pink were getting ready for the dance until Ruby said that the dance needs a partner or in this case, a boyfriend, making Pink freak out. That night, everyone were in Mansion as the annual dance begins. Everyone in the dance were enjoying themselves during the dance, especially Ruby and Pink while the Police were keeping an eye on Coal. Coal and his lackeys started to infiltrate the mansion, only to find out it is heavily protected. Sapphie and Kiichi reported to Jasper that everything is ok from the inside. In the midst of the event, Opal takes matters into her own hooves and decides to sneak into the mansion to get the Deco Stones, but in the midst of the dance, she starts to fall in love to Jasper. Will she succeed on stealing the Deco Stones or will her love to Jasper could result to her failure to do so?

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