Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 25 English Subbed

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"Sparkle-Sparkle at the Saury Village Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Coal and his lackeys were in the forest during the late afternoon in search for another Deco Stone, as well as his lost Jewel Pod. The gang found Coal's Jewel Pod but Opal tripped on a rock and ended up piercing Coal's butt with her horn, on her disappointment as Coal kicked the rock away. But after they left, the rock fell onto some fountain and awakened something big inside. The next day, Ruby, Pink, Sapphie and Kiichi were going fishing in the lake to catch some Saury, and Ruby is impatient seeing she wanted to catch a Sparkling Saury for fer collection. In an unexpected event, the group encountered a huge school of Saury, all sparking and coming down the river much to their surprise. They all catch the Saury and eat them afterwards but something's wrong as Sapphie pointed at the strange light, on where the Saury Village is located. Knowing it is a Deco Stone, the gang decided to go to the village to investigate. As they all arrive, the Saury they caught finally talked and greeted the group. Shinobu, the pink Saury explained on why they can talk and walk due to the village being protected by the deity Sanmalion. Shinobu then called the other Saury and praising Ruby for her admiration to the Saury as they all give the group a warm welcome while the Elder of the village appeared. The group asked them about the Deco Stones, with Pink getting some assumptions that the sparking scales and the Deco Stones were connected as the Elder allowed them to take a look around the village. But during the tour, the group saw the fish oil from all the Saury leaking out like crazy. Could the strange phenomenon of the Saury be connected to the Deco Stone that's located in the village?

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