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"Giant Space War Deco!"
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Episode Summary: As it revealed in the last episode that the thing Ruby saw is actually Jewelina frozen in stone. Ihe group became instantly confused on what is really going on. Professor Decorski explained that the Jewelpets were created by Jewelina using the Mirror Ball so she can have fun dancing with them. But because of a strange meteor, the Mirror Ball cracked into pieces and the Deco Stones were scattered all over Jewel Land. Due to Jewelina's sadness, she turned into stone and the only way to revive her is to collect all the Deco Stones. After knowing the whole truth, their problems now concerns on Coal who swallowed the Deco Stone as he attacks Ruby and defeated her. He then goes to space and starts to cause chaos by throwing meteorites back into Jewel Land. Ruby recovered and the group decides to stop Coal once and for all in space while getting the Deco Stone back. For Opal however, she decides to settle her score with Ruby once and for all as she controls Coal through a cockpit and launches an attack to her. Ruby and Pink fought back but the combined efforts of Coal and Opal were too great for the both of them, even started to take down Ruby's friends one by one in space. As both Coal and Opal powers up, they both created a Black Hole that can suck up the planet. How will they stop the two from destroying Jewel Land and get the Deco Stone back? Meanwhile, the leader of the Decoranian scolded Coal for failing his last mission and given him one more chance not to fail.

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