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"Princess Kaguya Luna Deco!"
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Episode Summary: One night in Jewel Land, Rald is minding his business until he notices a glowing bamboo thicket nearby. As he cuts it down, he saw a small rabbit Jewelpet inside named Luna, confusing the Panda Jewelpet.[2] A week later, Pink and her friends were in the school tent in Jewel Town, as Coarumi ended the class for today. After then, Chite told the class about rumors about the glowing bamboo thicket to everyone. The gang thinks it is a Deco Stone and decided to investigate it in the valley of the wind. As they arrive at the said place later on, Pink and the Jewelpets began their search on the Deco Stone nearby. Ruby started to sing a song until she heard a strange voice singing with her. They then saw a fallen bamboo leaf moving on its own and Ruby catches it. Everyone were surprised to see a small Luna in front of them and told everyone that she's looking for dinner for her "father" and told them that she was born from the bamboo thicket that Rald discovered a week ago. Her whole body starts glowing as Pink checks it, discovering that she is a Deco Stone. Coal overheard this and will use this opportunity to kidnap Luna. As Pink and her friends were about to invite Luna, Rald suddenly appears and rams everyone away from Luna. He then took Luna away and everyone after him. As they arrive into a house, they all think Rald is about to eat her until stopped him, it failed as he punched Ruby away. As they keep on convincing Rald to stop, Luna interrupted and told everyone that Rald IS her father. As they all relaxed at his house, both Rald and Luna explained how he built the house well as how did he find Luna in the first place. The Jewelpets and Pink were happy on the two. As Coal, Io and Opal were planning to kidnap Luna, Coal said that this is his last chance. Later that day, Rald and Luna tending the house as Pink and the others were getting confused on how will they take Luna with them. Making matters worse, Coal and his lackeys also wanted Luna as well. How will Pink and Jewelpets get the Deco Stone when Luna IS one? After the battle, the Dark General scolded Coal and demoted him for his last failure. He now orders one of his agents to make its move against the Kira Deco 5.

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