Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 29 English Subbed

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"And Then There Were Gone Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Sapphie was sleeping during her studies until Kiichi woke her up and had breakfast. They both talked about her searching and studying about the Deco Stones with Kiichi worrying about his weakness despite that he wants to protect her. As they both saw a light shining in the forest, they found out it was a Deco Stone. The whole gang was assembled and they all go to the place where the next Deco Stone is located. But as soon as the rain started to fall, they all went to an abandoned mansion at the outskirts of Jewel Town. As they notice that no one's home, everyone went inside and Midori started to get scared. As Kiichi confirmed to Sapphie that the Deco Stone is located inside, everyone decided to look for it all around the mansion. On the other hand, Coal and his lackeys also found the location of the next Deco Stone and decides to search for it inside. Meanwhile, Pink and Ruby were walking in the hallway of the mansion until her Jewel Pod runs out of power. Suddenly, candles started to light up on its own and they got scared. In Midori's side, he is checking on some things in the mansion for clues until Labra and Angela scared him. Retsu came in and checked on his little brother, annoying him as he left. For Garnet and Blue, they both take a short rest on their search and looked for food. Lastly, Kiichi and Sapphie were checking each and every corner of the mansion for more clues about the Deco Stone and saw the clock moving on its own. As Retsu keeps up with his search, he then encountered someone as everyone heard him scream. They all rush to the scene and saw Retsu tied up upside down and out cold, making Midori cry. As Pink calms him down, Sapphie then started to think that something's wrong inside the Mansion. As the time passes by each of the humans and the Jewelpets are ambushed by someone and they all ended up out cold and hanging upside down. Sapphie starting to find out who is the culprit behind those attacks. But what is the culprit's intentions to them? And how is he related to the Deco Stones?

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