Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Dark Angel Coal Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Coal, an evil Jewelpet associated with the evil group Decoranain, appeared in Jewel Land as his boss assigned him to his next mission to destroy the KiraDeco 5 and gather all the Deco Stones. At the Kira Kira shop, the other members of the KiraDeco 5 awakens on the strange noise inside the shop as both Ruby and Pink were doing some failed renovations inside the shop. Meanwhile, Ruby and the others summoned the other members to the bus stop as they were planning to go to the forest while on the other hand, Opal and Io met up with Coal and invited then to the organization with one ambition: to destroy Ruby. At the forest, the Jewelpets were all picking jewels growing on trees while some of the members helped them on their labor, especially Pink and Retsu on their search for the Deco Stones but Coal created a Dark Jewel Cloud from his magic and trapped the others in despair. Back to Pink and Ruby, the two were still picking Jewels until they decide to find a piece of the Mirror Ball. Coal, Opal and Io decides to follow them to the same area where Ruby tripped and find out it is actually a Deco Stone, the piece of the Mirror Ball. Could this be what Ruby and Pink were searching for?

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