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"Hot Guy Paradise Village Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Pink, Ruby, Blue and Garnet were all walking towards a vast desert as last night, Professor Decorski gave them information about the location of the next Deco Stone. The location according to Pink is in a town at the middle of Jewel Land's huge desert area as they press on, but Coal overhears them and plans his next move. As the gang arrive at the said desert town called the Paradise Village, they all start their search and look around the town for food and also the location of the Deco Stone. But they got all confused as to what the villagers were doing to the jewels they found and worse, they got scared at Ruby and the others whenever they saw them, especially to Blue as he is frozen in stone due to the shock. In all the commotion, they encountered a Jewelpet named Amelie and asked the gang to save her from a person named the Gorilla King. As they encountered the Gorilla King, they were surprised on what he's wearing: Paper Egg Cartons, Toilet Paper Rolls and anything made of paper. As he saw Pink and fell in love with her, he then kidnapped her and took him back to his place. Coal arrived at the Paradise Village later on, only to be greeted by girls and calls him a hot guy. Back to Pink, she herself is held captive under the Gorilla King's Palace, caged and only wearing newspaper-like clothing much to her distaste. She complains to him that she doesn't like him. Back to Ruby, they all arrived at the Gorilla King's place were trying to snap Blue out as he responded to Garnet's calls. They all decided to break into the place and rescue Pink from his clutches. As they try to get her out, Blue discovered another Deco Stone inside the cardboard ball chained onto Pink's leg. With all the insanity going on, how will they save Pink and the entire village?

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