Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 31 English Subbed

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"Special Technique! Tornado Whirlwind Kick Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Midori again lost to Retsu again on a game of cards. Determined to get stronger, he decides to leave Jewel Town to train himself and to become stronger. On his journey, he came onto several signs and decides to follow it, leading him to a dojo. Thought he's not alone as he saw Io in the entrance too, saying that he wants to get stronger to protect Opal. As the gates open, they were greeted by the chipmunk Jewelpet Titana. As Io laughed on his size, he single-handedly defeated him with ease and impressed Midori with his nimble and fast abilities. Midori begged for him to become his disciple, so does Io for them to get stronger. Back at Jewel Town, Labra and Angela told Pink and Ruby about him training somewhere and both of them were hungry. The fed the two and the group agreed to go where he is training. At the Dojo, Midori and Io's training starts and Titana told them their first training mission: gather 100 acorns in the forest using their tails. Midori objects to the idea due to not having a tail, but Titana used his jewel magic and gave them squirrel tails to begin their training. Back to Ruby's group, Pink is tracking down where Midori is using her Jewel Pod until they found him and Io training. Midori himself is having problems with his "tail" during the training. Labra and Angela somewhat admires him with the tail he had. Later on, Pink were looking at Midori getting scolded back at the Dojo about the training he's doing. Midori decides to keep on training under Titana's guidance while Pink and Ruby supports him in secret. But when Labra and Angela overheard what Titana is saying, trouble is brewing to both of them. Will his harsh training pay off in the end? And what's Titana's true intentions to Midori?

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