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"Jewel of Fate Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Garnet is again happy with Blue being groomed while the others were searching for another Deco Stone in a plainland area, using the clues the other stone gave to them. The gang then saw a strange green shooting star in the sky and suspected its a girl from the human world. Blue approaches to the area where the shooting star is gonna crash and stopped it using his bare hands and kicks it, destroying the meteor and rescuing the girl inside it. As Pink and the Jewelpets approached him, the young girl awoke from Blue's hands and is confused on where she is. Ruby told her she is in Jewel Land and the girl played with Ruby, much to the rabbit's Jewelpet's dismay when she poked her jewel eye. The group learned that her name is Mako, hailing from Ueno, Japan. She herself wish to go to Jewel Land and was mysteriously reported into the place due to the strange necklace she has. As they believed her story, Mako asked blue to pick her up, making Garnet green with envy until blue picked her up. As they made it to Jewel Town, the group were surprise on Mako's knowledge on everything on Jewel Land, even on Jewel Pods. But as she uses Garnet's Jewel Pod to cast magic and fail, she started crying until they arrived at the Kira Kira Shop. As she stops crying and played with Sapphie, Kiichi arrived with the Sweetspet Eclair to cheer her up. As the group started to get her delicious regenerating eclair ears and eats, Mako became curious and gets one and eats is as well. While she's eating, the group notice about the necklace she's wearing called the Jewel of Fate and originally came from Rald. As they approach the Bamboo forest through the Deco Bus, the group were confused about the necklace and its relation to Rald. As they arrived to the place, they all meet Rald once again but something is wrong with him as he goes on a rampage to the group. How is she related to Rald? And what secrets does the Jewel of Fate has to Mako?

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