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"I'm not Falling in Love Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Ruby and Pink were eating Donuts as snacks in the Kira Kira shop one day but they got in a fight as Pink ate the last Donut. On the other hand, one of the Dark General's Four Heavenly Kings, Kaiser decides to make his move. Later on, Ruby decides to catch some Saury in the town creek until she bumped into Kaiser (in a black bunny disguise), knocking him out and the apples he's carrying. Ruby decides to help him and he introduces himself as a black rabbit as he shows her his home. She enjoyed his home and he let her eat the sweets he made and he allowed her to eat as many as she want. She was then reminded of her feud with pink back then and decides to forget about her as he feeds her with a chocolate, not knowing to the bunny that Kaiser is planning something bad for her. Back at the shop, Pink then saw Kaiser, now dressed in normal human clothing and going to the name Shibuya, who tripped his foot. She decides to help him and in return, told him who he is while seduces Pink until she started to fall in love with him. As he's recovered, he accidentally tripped and fell over Pink, making her blush until she got up and left. Later that night, the two talked about their new boyfriends and were happy about their experiences while eating macrons, until only one remains as Pink ate the last one. Back to Kaiser's home, he then researched more about Pink and Ruby, on how he can break off their friendship to claim the Deco Stones from them. Next Day, he invited Pink to go to the Lapis's Bar to have a talk with her. As they talk about the things they liked, while enjoying a special cake. The same also goes to Ruby as well. Not knowing to the two, Kaiser has a trap set up for the both of them...

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