Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 35 English Subbed

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"Angela and the Jewel Duel Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Angela is napping one day on her job outside the police station as she wakes up. She then looks around as she searches for both Midori and Labra but both of them are not around. She then looks around the whole town and sees that everyone is gone, especially her friends. As she is saddened that the town is deserted, she then saw Retsu coming in front of her, somehow making her disappointed. Retsu asked the Alpaca Jewelpet if anyone is around, she responded that they're not here when she woke up. With no choices left, Angela must team up with Retsu in search for the missing dezinens of Jewel Town until Ruby appears, being chased by someone until she's hit by a dark blast, turning her into a card. As the card goes to the mysterious cloaked figure, Retsu intimidated him and wanted to know his identity. The mysterious figure took off his clothing and revealed himself as a Gray Maine Coon Jewelpet named Dian, one of the members of the Four Heavenly Kings. As Retsu told him to free their friends, Dian told them the only way to free everyone is with a card game using their Jewel Pods. With one condition: Retsu must surrender Ruby's Jewel Pod containing all the Deco Stones inside. As they accepted the challenge, Dian used his Jewel Magic to create a stadium for their duel. The Duel begins as Dian makes his first turn, summoning Peridot. Retsu tries to snap her while she attacks but received an electric shock due to him not following the rules. Dian then attacks both Angela and Retsu as Dian wins. As he took two of then Deco Stones and about to turn Retsu into a card, Retsu told Dian to give him more time to familiarize the rules and Dian spared his life. Angela doesn't want to get involve with Retsu's battle and thinks he's weird. As they dueled again, Angela is still disagreeing with him until she saw Labra trapped, crushing her deeply. She decides to fight Dian by herself and to get everyone back to normal. The duel begins again as Dian summons Coal while Angela summons both Garnet and Sapphie. As Dian commanded Coal to attack, Angela counters back by commanding Garnet to use her Jewel Magic against Dian's Dark Cloud but failed. Sapphie then counters it with her own Jewel Magic, distracting him while they combined their magic to defeat Coal. Dian summons the Sheep Butler and defeats both pets with Dian winning the game and reclaiming another Jewel Stone. As Angela is dishearted on the whole situation, how will she win against one of the Four Heavenly Kings?

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