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"The Legendary Athletic Course Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Both Labra and Angela saw Midori one day jogging as Labra saw how fast he is through her Jewel Pod. Retsu then passes through and was more surprised on how much faster he is than Midori. He decided to chase after his big brother and was surprised on his extreme speed and agility, making the little sibling jealous and angry. As the two rest after the morning jogging, Retsu saw a strange light in the horizon, thinking it was a Deco Stone. As decided, Retsu called the others to do a scouting mission on the mountains to find the next deco stone in the mountains. The group marches deep in the mountains and Midori is happy with everyone, also knowing his knowledge on mountains and the obstacle course. This gave Sapphie an idea and told him about the legendary athletic course that was once in the mountains. As they went further, Midori is getting mad own his brother's bumblingness while saving him on his mishaps and started to get rather mad. As they reached the top and is almost sunset, the group decides to camp for the night. At the camp, Midori is still mad on how he's been treated as he tells it to everyone. Back when he was 5, Retsu and Midori went together as they both caught a lot of bugs in summer until Retsu took off and goes to catch a Dragonfly, leaving Midori behind. However, 5 hours passed and Retsu didn't come to pick him up making him scared on the surroundings at dark and wanders off. As he's lost and got scared by a group of Tsuchinoko, Retsu finally found him but blamed him on leaving his place. Everyone at the camp were surprised at Midori's story and think that Retsu isn't being a good older brother and not accepting it was his own fault that Midori got lost in the first place. But that also made Retsu overprotective to him on the things he do when he's growing up, annoying him in any way possible. The next day, Midori woke up early in a foggy day to follow the light where the Deco Stones is until he encounter a big giant sign and a huge athletic course on his way. Is the Legendary Athletic Course Sapphie has mentioned and remembered not a single person cleared it. Midori decides to gather his courage and take on the course by himself, but will he win in the end and get the Deco stone at the goal?

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