Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 37 English Subbed

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"The Ninja want to show off at the Castle Deco!"
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Episode Summary: The gang were lucky to obtained another Deco Stone as the Deco Bus is taking them back to Jewel Town. On their way, they all saw a strange Japanese castle on the horizon and decided to investigate the area. As the castle turned out to be larger than they expected but when they step foot, their clothing transformed into Ninja Clothing. As Ruby herself think the place has another Deco Stone, Coal and his lackeys appeared and went ahead, only falling to the moat after falling for the bridge trap. Not knowing to everyone that at the top of the castle, there are three Jewelpets who were watching their every move: Chite, Yuku and Nix. Called the NEET Triangle, they decided to test the skills of the trespassers in the castle. Back at Ruby's group, they all decided to investigate the castle while have fun, thought for Garnet she never liked to be in a ninja's clothing. The NEET Triangle decides to spy on the group and were about to do their ninjitsu moves to them until Coal interrupted, on which the trio survived the fall. They then used their ninjitsu moves to walk through water and get through Pink's group until Garnet used her Ninja Magic to control the water and distract them, also using their chance to get pass Coal's group and into the castle grounds. But the attempt failed and Coal's group got pass them first. But Ruby found a way to get her and the group across and used her magic, surprising the NEET trio on what she did as they all got inside the castle. Pink's group split up and go on searching for Coal's group, who were already ahead of them. Ruby and Pink were chasing them as Opal used spikes to slow both Pink and Ruby down. As both Opal and Ruby complained to each other, Nix is planning his move on top of them and threw a shurriken at Opal but it bounced back and almost hit the ferret Jewelpet, scaring him. He does the same to Ruby but her apologetic move on Opal cleverly evaded the shots, the same goes to Io as the rest of the trio arrived. With none of their tricks worked on them, Yuku decided that they should reveal themselves and make their move. But as Pink's Jewel Pod is detecting a Deco Stone, they all pointed out to the castle where the said item resides. Who will obtain the Deco Stone in the end?

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