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"Very Merry Decoristmas deco!"
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Episode Summary: Christmas Episode. It is the night before Christmas and Pink has finally finished decorating the Kira Kira Shop for the festive event. As Ruby arrives from the sea, she then put up Starfish as the tree topper while telling Pink about their version of Christmas day called Decoristmas and wishing DecoSanta give them presents this year. However in the morning, Ruby was disappointed and worse, the denizens of Jewel Town didn't got a visit from DecoSanta. The KiraDeco 5 and the Jewelpets were discussing on what happened to DecoSanta until Opal and Io came and blamed her for DecoSanta's absence. Ruby is left with no choice but to search for DecoSanta at the Decoristmas Mountain in the outskirts of Jewel Land with Pink coming with her. Io and Opal overheard their conversation as Coal decided to search for DecoSanta themselves. As the DecoBus were taking the both of them to the Decoristmas Mountains, Ruby and Pink wondered about their wishes to him as the bus arrives. But as they got off, Ruby got frozen solid by a powerful cold wind, as Pink decided to carry her. Same goes to Coal as the duo decides to push the ice trapping him. Back to Pink, she is feeling the weight of the ice as she slipped and they both sledded down the mountain, with Coal and his lackeys following them. As they arrive in an ice cave, Ruby and Pink were safe while Coal and his group were frozen cold. As Ruby and Pink heard a familiar voice, they then saw Peridot frozen in Ice as Ruby used her jewel magic to free her. They then found out that Peridot is indeed DecoSanta and even worse, she never liked the job. Peridot explained to them why she is here, as she is searching for a mysterious item called the Ice Egg and it the cause of her getting stuck. As Pink and Ruby agreed to search for the Ice Egg, will they able to find the said item while saving Decoristmas this year?

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