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"Officer Labra: 24 Hours Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Labra and Angela got arrested by the Jewel Land Police due to failing their duties as Police Officers. Later at court, the denizens in Jewel Town were in a huge frenzy against the two alleged officers as Pink and her group can't help but watch. The trial goes as one by one the people admitted both Labra and Angela's misbavior as officers and worse, King blaming Angela for destroying someone's home. The group got worried as Angela was sentenced to 1005 Year and 2 Month worth of imprisonment as the police takes the Alpaca Jewelpet away. Having no choice, Labra must work solo and reveal that Angela is innocent. Labra asked her friends to help her on her case to search for the real culprit as they all agree on wanting to bust Angela out. Her search starts in the mountains and she got scared with Angela with her side, but pushes on until she fell into the river. She is then miraculously saved by DonaDona, a Sweetspet and decides, due to hunger, to eat one of her donuts until she's full. After then, DonaDona told her about a donut-like plant in the edge of the mountains that allows people to tell the truth when it inhales its pollen. She decides to search further until an eagle snatches her high into its nest and thinks she's one of its chicks. After then, she decided to leave the nest and fell, but got hold onto one of the tree branches. She then saw the plant that she is searching for and got one, only falling again to her doom until she is saved by the eagle. Labra returns to Jewel Town and decided to use the plant to make people admit their crimes. However none of them were the criminal that she's been searching for. Will she ever catch the one responsible and clear Angela of her crimes?

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