Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Angela is Lost Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Pink and Ruby notice the Deco Stone shine and a beam of light points into a strange location on where the next one is located. At the Police Station, Midori prepared breakfast for both Labra and Angela but being the worst cook, Labra wasn't satisfied and Angela is eating the burnt toast. Ruby and Pink notices the commotion in the Police Station until Retsu arrived and gave them some Takoyaki. Midori wasn't amused on his brother on this and Pink explained to Ruby that Midori is once mistaken as a girl when they were young and his Big Brother cares for him a lot back then, even today. Later on, Retsu showed the Jewelpets to their Treehouse and notice a Deco Stone is located in the horizon. Midori, Angela and Labra left the tree house as Io and Opal reports this to Coal. As they all went to the location of the stone, the trio tried their best to guide them away from the stone and one of their attempts completely separate Midori, Labra and Angela. Angela became lost and both Midori and Labra ended up inside a cave, now all lost. How will they all find each other and when will they get the next Deco Stone?

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