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"Deco New Deco Year Deco!"
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Episode Summary: New Year's episode. The group were enjoying noodles at the Kira Kira Shop before the advent of the new year thanks to Kiichi's cooking until they all heard Rald's call. The call stated that the new year in Jewel Land is almost near and Pink understood as it is like the New Year's bell back in Japan. As the clock strikes twelve, the new year in Jewel Land begins; however as a new day begins, Ruby is surprised on what happened to her eyes. To make things worse, she is not considered a Jewelpet anymore by both Opal and Io due to lack of Jewel Eyes. Opal told her that to get her eyes back, she must work for her in her mansion like Decorella. Ruby fantasizes about her being Decorella as she worked for her, also hearing that a ball is happening tonight. While she wanted to go to the ball, Labra and Angela appeared and provided her with her own Jewel Eyes and a Kabosu Lemon carriage. But their magic has a price: wanting her to search for the Deco Stones as they depart to search for them. But luck got into a bad turn after she had lunch when it started to rain. She then started to fantasize her being Saury Riding Hood. As she continues her search, she encountered Garnet and told her to accompany her in her way to her grandmother's house due to wolves. Ruby agrees and they both go together but on their way, they encountered Labra and Angela again, this time dressed in wolf costumes. They both escaped the two and successfully arrived at their grandmother's house. Garnet questioned someone in bed three times and Blue Knight jumped out of the bed and greeted her while Ruby left the house. On her continuous search, she then looked at the big Buddha statue that looks like Kiichi and encountered Sapphie as she agreed to travel with her like in Journey to the West. In each of Ruby's search and fantasies of fairy tales, how will this get her Jewel Eyes back? And more importantly, get the next Deco Stone?

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