Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 41 English Subbed

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"Nephrite the Cleaner Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Coal is again scolded by the Dark General from failing again in getting the Deco Stones as he's given another chance to steal them from Ruby's group. As he take out the thrash, he encounters a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Jewelpet named Nephrite and took him back to his hideout for some serious talk. Coal told him to steal Ruby's Jewel Pod holding the stones, but this came with a price as he agreed. At the Kira Kira shop, Ruby feels refreshed after a long night's sleep while Pink is still tired after their pillow fight last night that took out clothes drawer. Unknowingly to them both, Nephrite is in the scene and is preparing his rifle with a suction cup on the tip to catch Ruby. As he can't get a perfect aim, he tries to go in, but went back to hiding as Labra and Angela passed by patrolling the area. As they're gone, he jumped out and went inside the shop as looked at both Ruby and Pink, aiming his rifle at them while Pink got scared. He pulled the trigger and started sucking out the mess both Pink and Ruby made, confusing them both on his motives as he cleans their room. After he's done, he leaves the house with Ruby starting to fall in love with him. While he's leaving, Ruby started to follow him and asked if she can come, which he agrees and gave him a chance to actually steal her Jewel Pod. As they both made it into Sapphie's house, Ruby starts cleaning the outer walls until Nephrite blasted it with water. Both Kiichi and Sapphie went out and saw the duo as they ask them to clean the kitchen. They both get to work until the kitchen and sink are spotless and thanked them both for their hard work. But for Nephrite, he is starting to develop some feelings for Ruby but tries to ignore it due to his job. As they went to Garnet's mansion to clean up and Ruby doing more antics to impress him, Nephrite runs away from embarrassment. Back at the shop, Ruby is cooking outside after all of that cleaning work as Nephrite is aiming is rifle at her, making sure he took her down but his feelings for her took the best of him. Will Ruby learn the harsh truth about Nephrite?

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