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"The Tonzuradamus Prophecy Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Winter is coming in Jewel Land and everyone is busy cleaning up the fallen leaves all around Jewel Town. Both Ruby and Pink are also busy while talking about getting another Deco Stone. However, the entire group saw some strange crop circles and footprints on the ground. The KiraDeco 5 were getting rather puzzled on the sudden change of events until their Jewel Pods starts to blink, finding out that Jewel Land is in the blink of destruction as they shifted their focus on the strange Jewelpet named Milky. She told everyone that this event was predicted by Tonzuradamus. And according to the prophecy, the mountain will turn white, and a God of Destruction will appear in Jewel Land. As Milky left, Pink consulted to Professor Decorski about the strange prediction she told the group. The professor stated that she may be carrying a huge amount of deco stones as everyone decides to investigate. Coal overheard their conversation and decides to calls the Dark General for backup, using his Jewel Pod. As the two remaining members of the Four Heavenly Kings: Kohaku and Tour revealed themselves and talked about his failures, Coal was given one final chance to redeem himself. At the mountains, Milky is setting up a special ritual using sweets potatoes as an offering and a magic book, reciting some incarnations. On the other hand, both Pink and Ruby were searching for Milky while Coal, Opal and Io were tailing the two, plotting on taking the Deco Stone for themselves. Back to Milky, she is doing a ritual dance to summon something for the Sweet Potatoes but failed as Ruby and Pink found her. They checked her cart using the Jewel Pod and identified a Deco Stone inside it. But in the midst of the excitement, Coal appears and is ready to claim the Deco Stone hidden on Milky's cart. To make their problems worse, the prediction that Tonzuradamus made that could destroy Jewel Land for good.

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