Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 43 English Subbed

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"Crane Dance Gunma Karuta Deco!"
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Episode Summary: In the last episode, Coal successfully got one of the Deco Stones and finally corrupted it using his dark magic. the attempt is a success but also drained some of his magical energy. As he passed out, the corrupted Deco Stone floated away from his hideout and into somewhere. Meanwhile, the KiraDeco 5 were looking for Coal and the Deco Stone he stole from them. In the middle of their search, the Deco Stone showed up in front of Pink's group and found out it was corrupted with dark magic until Coal shows up. As they both tried to get the Deco Stone, the stone unleashed a powerful dark aura into Pink, only to be blocked by Retsu's using Jomo Karuta cards. But the power of the corrupted Deco Stone is so great that it backfired, sending Pink and the others into Midori and Retsu's hometown of Gunma Prefecture. As they looked further, they were greeted by Labra and Angela, telling them they're inside a Jomo Karuta card and is been manipulated by the Corrupted Deco Stone. Pink, Retsu, Midori and Ruby were tortured one by one through the cards and the only way to get out is to beat them by their own game. As they accepted the Deco Stone's challenge, Coal appears and told them on how powerful the corrupted Deco Stone is and they may not stand a chance while competing to get it back. How will they get the corrupted Deco Stone back and win?

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