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"A Duel of Love Amigo Deco!"
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Episode Summary: In an abandoned desert town in Jewel Land, Sapphie and Kiichi were searching for another Deco Stone while befriending some wild animals living in the area. However, not knowing to the two that they were being watched by two of the Four Heavenly Kings. Meanwhile, Ruby and Pink were inside a strange cave searching for the Deco Stones as well, while the others were searching for the said item all around the deserted town. Back at Coal's hideout, Coal is notified that both Kohaku and Tour were now in Jewel Land to take over his job and the Dark General sent Coal, Io and Opal into a tropical resort due to his last failure. Back at the deserted town, both Kiichi and Sapphie were still looking for the Deco Stones until finding out the buffalo that he helped earlier give them one. As they successful found another, Tour appeared in front of them and engaged in combat against Kiichi. Kiichi told Sapphie to run as he blocked Tour's way, giving her an opportunity to escape. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, the others had no luck on looking and got worried that Sapphie and Kiichi were taking a long time before they return to Jewel Town. In the midst of their conversation, Kohaku, one of the Four Heavenly Kings appeared and used his cuteness charm to make Ruby and her friends go love him, lowering the group's defenses. Back at the deserted town, Tour caught up with both Kiichi and Sapphie as he seduced her on giving him the Deco Stone, but fails. Back at the shop, Labra is getting angry with Kohaku charming Pink and the others until he charmed her. Not knowing to them that he's keeping them busy for Tour to capture Sapphie and Kiichi, along with the Deco Stone they found.

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