Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 45 English Subbed

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"Goodbye Teacher Coarumi Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Coal, Io and Opal successfully returned to their hideout with him wanting to be given another chance by Decoranian. However Io told him to give up as he's no longer part of the group. This itself made Opal all worried on his condition. After a while, Io is walking in the road until he encountered Coarumi whose fake breast came off. He decides to help her out, but he then became suspicious about her. At class, the group notices Coarumi being depressed with Pink not knowing what's going on with her. Io himself knew as she and Coal were actually the same person. Garnet knows how Coarumi feels as well, relating him to how Blue Knight became very sad and lonely at times. Ruby and her friends decided to cheer her up and relift her spirits. On their first attempt, Kiichi cooked up some food for everyone with Ruby decorating his belly with jewels. It didn't help Coarumi's mood and runs away, as secretly Coal remembers his good times being taken cared by the Dark General when he was a child. The second attempt involved Retsu, but again failed. The third attempt involved Blue Knight cheering her up, involving toast. Again, it failed. The fourth attempt involved both Midori and Io together in a gentleman act. They both argue on which she will choose between them until the Deco Bus interfered and offered her some flowers. It was a success as the Deco Bus took her to a date all across Jewel Land. Coarumi had a good time with him, also becoming sad at the same time. Will Coarumi cheer up despite the sadness she feels?

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