Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 46 English Subbed

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"Dark Knight Blue Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Opal harshly learned that Coal is nothing but a pawn to the Dark General's plans to take over Earth using the corrupted Deco Stones. Getting more desperate for revenge against Ruby, Kaiser appears on screen and gave her a proposal to join Decoranian but refused. With no choice, he then cast his dark magic onto her, turning Opal into the vengeful Black Opal. Meanwhile, the KiraDeco 5 and the Jewelpets were desperately searching for Coal, with no leads whatsoever. They were also dishearted on how the Decoranian were making progress on obtaining the Deco Stones from Pink and her friends. For Blue and Garnet, the two were taking about her being happy with his side until Retsu told him to search. After a long day, the group had no leads on where he is until Sapphie checked her Jewel Pod and said he's no longer in Jewel Town. Tom make matters worse for them, Professor Decorski contacted the group and told them that the situation in Earth is getting worse: countless amounts of Dark clouds covered the entity of Japan and engulfed everyone into the darkness. As everyone were worried about the situation, so does Blue himself listening to the group arguing. That night, he thought to himself about the situation as he went to the Lapis' Bar and told Lapis about his problem. As Black Opal appears, she decides to hell him the truth about how deceiving women are and Blue decides to help her. As he took her back to her mansion, he then notice that he's in a different place and cast her dark magic onto Blue, turning him into Dark Knight Blue. Opal commanded him to steal Ruby's Jewel Pod and present it to her. The next day, the gang will again search for Coal with a smaller search party while waiting for Blue. But as Blue arrives, Garnet rushes to his arms but fell into the ground by not being caught. She tried to flirt him also but rejected her pleas, as the gang noticed something different about him. As he reveals to now be working for Decoranian and is aiming at Ruby's Jewel Pod, what would Pink and others do to revert him to his former self?

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