Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 47 English Subbed

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"Is this True Friendship!? Deco!"
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Episode Summary: With nowhere to go, Coal ended up in an urban desert city while thinking over his purpose after being fired from Decoranian. He then settles in an Internet Cafe named NetCafe Yamish and decides to play an online game called Yami Quest. He decides to create a female character in the game to start his journey. Meanwhile back at Jewel Town, Pink, Garnet and Sapphie had no luck on where Coal went, while Garnet worrying on what happened to Blue at that time. As Ruby brought them tea and saw them stressed out, Ruby checked her Jewel Pod to see the Yami Quest game. She decided to use her magic and brought them inside the game. Both Pink and Ruby landed on a town wearing monster costumes while wondering where Garnet and Sapphie were. Back to Coal, he successfully created a female character and named it Black Angel as he began his quest. As Black Angel began questioning everyone and failed, he then met a girl player named Yamimin and offered her a Dark Apple as a gift. The two of them had a thoughtful talk, discussing and telling to each other that wanted friends. Just then, Garnet appears who plays the role of the money monster and fight against the two. But the two cleverly escaped as she told Garnet about a coin in ground and made it into the shop that sells Jewel Pods. Black Angel decides to buy a sparkling black one as so does Yamimin, feeling happy with their bond together. As Coal saved his progress, he is also happy to have a friend like her. As their quest continues, they both encontered Sapphie and got into another battle, which ended well while getting their first clue. Meanwhile, Pink and Ruby both plotted something to break Black Angel and Yamimin's friendship apart.

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