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"Greetings! The Strongest enemy Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Dian and Tour were thinking why Retsu is immune to all dark magic and wanted him to counter it. Kohaku then found Coal's notes with Retsu's weakness written on it, but the two think it is useless. However for Kaiser, it will be proven useful on defeating the leader of the KiraDeco 5 and taking advantage on getting all of their Deco Stones. Meanwhile, as usual Midori is practicing his punches and kicks while wanting to surpass his brother. But then got kidnapped by someone in the forest. At Retsu's place, he is busy training the rest of the KiraDeco 5 for their battles against the Decoranian and how much Deco Stones they collected so far before the Decoranian stole some. As everyone left Retsu, he then prepared himself to search for another Deco Stone. But he saw Labra and Angela hurrying towards him and told him that Midori is kidnapped in the forest. He received a call from Tour and told him to go to the place where Decoranian is keeping him, in Coal's hide out. As the arrived at the said place, Tour used his dark magic on him, but with no effect. Kohaku also did the same, but never worked as Retsu got Midori. But Kaiser then appears and told him it was a dummy to lure him inside their trap. He then cast his dark magic on him and showed Retsu his dark past with Midori, denying that he's being overprotective while abandoning his little brother as the dark magic corrupted him. As Pink and Ruby arrived at the hideout, Labra and Angela told them it is a fluke but they saw Retsu now fully corrupted and now working for Decoranian. He turned both Kohaku and Tour back into their Jewel Charm forms to demonstrate his strength to them and Dian, using Midori's voice, commanded him to eradicate the KiraDeco 5. What will Pink and Ruby do to turn him back to normal? And what happen to Midori?

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