Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 49 English Subbed

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"Smoothpet Bald Deco!"
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Episode Summary: On the group's continuous search for the Deco Stones, the Jewelpets and the KiraDeco 5 meet up in the Kira Kira Shop to discuss how many more they can find. As Sapphie calculates the amount, they found out that there are plenty more for them to collect with. But the worse part is they were in space, shaped as rock fists. As they try to find out how to get them, Diana, a Munchkin cat Jewelpet interfered and was annoyed on the Kira Deco 5 ignoring her in the last few events of the series. With her anger boiling up, she used her Jewel Magic and take the group to another dimension called Smoothland, where everything is as smooth as a bald man's head. The challenge for them is to make Diana and all the Jewelpets in Jewel Town laugh and the punishment is that they have to wear bald head wigs. Each member did their best on trying to make everyone laugh however one by one they failed on doing so. Ruby and Pink also did their best but also failed to make them laugh. As they got punished to wear wigs, they all started to glow and take everyone into another dimension only finding out they're also Deco Stones. But in the strange twist, they find out how the KiraDeco 5 is really formed and their true purpose.

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