Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 50 English Subbed

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"Pink is a Kira Deco High School girl!? Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Kaiser is being briefed by the Dark General about the recent happenings. The whole planet earth is covered in eternal darkness thanks to the Yami Stones but also told him that the Kira Deco 5 had collected more Deco Stones and 3 of the Four Heavenly had fallen. This leaves him in charge on eradicating the group and getting Ruby's Jewel Pod completely as he accepts the mission. Meanwhile, Pink and Ruby were both searching for the remaining Deco Stones just outside of Jewel Town with no luck, but out of nowhere Kaiser appears in front of the two and starts to attack the duo. As he fire a blast to Pink, Ruby shielded the attack and killed her in the process, reverting her back to her Charm Form. As the others arrive, Kaiser told them that Ruby's weakness is Pink as he took the Jewel Pod with the Deco Stones. Kaiser removed Pink's Deco out of her Jewel Pod and then destroyed it, hurting Pink's feelings as she goes out to attack him. But Kaiser used his dark magic and fires it onto Pink, only awakening in front of a train station back at the Oomiya Station. As she remembers that she is a high school student and enjoys her life, she didn't know that she is been manipulated in an unknown world. And a certain someone is trying to make her remember who she really is.

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