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"Decisive Battle! Saitama Ultra Arena Deco!"
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Episode Summary: As Kaiser is been defeated by the Kira Deco 5, Coal has now new courage to face everyone again as he decides to go back to Jewel Town. But in the same time, the Dark General plans his last and final stand against those to stand in his way by using the power of the Yami Stones to himself and becomes a more demonic entity who plans to destroy Jewel Land and plunge it into eternal darkness. The group had their short celebration until a call from Professor Decorski told them he was coming to Jewel Land. Everyone were surprised to see the Dark General himself appeared, scaring everyone and worse of all, completely taking away all of their Deco Stones to power himself up and take a new form in Jewel Land. In a worse case scenario, he attacked everyone in the land including the civilians, turning everything to coal, taking down Jewelina's statue from the mountains above and turning the sun pitch black. He then used all of the Yami Stones to summon the Saitama Ultra Arena make the Planet Earth appeared above the Jewel Planet, all covered in darkness and then summoned a black hole in the Ultra Arena, sucking in every living being on earth except for NEETs in his plans is to create a world of darkness on which he reigns supreme. Pink ultimately opposes as it destroys everyone's dreams, but the Dark General decides to eradicate her with Kiichi blocking the attack with his body despite he can't fight. Sapphie felt pity and concern on him until an unknown light inside Kiichi's heart dispelled the Dark General's magic. Professor Decorski called again and said the group can finally transform due to their bond and trust to their Jewelpet partners, each of them gaining their own Jewel of Fate. As they transform and gained the power to fight, is this actually enough to defeat the Dark General?

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