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"Everyone's Sparkle☆Deco! Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Labra dies from the Dark General's blast and Coal dies as he turns into a Diamond with both parties mourning on their deaths. The Dark General however cannot accept this and decides to destroy everything on his path as he unleashed everything to destroy everyone. The Kira Deco 5 fought back against him while Kiichi is blocking his attacks and protecting the rest of the citizens. As Ruby danced on all of her might to summon the remaining deco stones, the barrier is being broken one by one until it all broke and will hit Ruby. But everyone recovered as they all fought back and luckily, the rest of the Jewelpets were revived from becoming coal statues thanks to the Deco Bus's help. The Jewelpets then used their Jewel Flash to the dark General and stunned him with pure light, then one of them fought back by force. Opal is about to be hit by one of the Dark General's fireballs as Io rushed in to save her. But Jasper then appeared, saving the pegasus unicorn before Io can do it. As Midori approached him and talked, he was then hit by the Dark General's attack, the same goes to Peridot. Everyone now begs for Ruby to dance and summon the mirror ball as she danced with all of her might, calling all the deco stones while the Kira Deco 5 distracts him. As a Deco Stone flew into the Kira Deco 5's direction, Ruby has finally earned her status as a Deco Stone Master and goes forth calling the other Deco Stones. As they all gather into one place and reformed into the Mirror Ball, dispelling the Darkness and defeating the Dark General once and for all. The light from the Mirror ball also purified the Earth and Jewel Land from the darkness. After the battle, the Earth went back to its own dimension and everything is back to normal. However, there are few more questions unanswered as the Mirror Ball is not yet complete. As both Peridot and Jasper surveyed the area, the group were questioning what is seriously going with the Mirror Ball and how will Labra be revived as the Dark General recovers from his last battle, all tied up. Sapphie summoned Professor Decorski into Jewel Land and then unmasked the Dark General, who reveals to be Decorski's ex-husband who is actually Pink's uncle. The Dark General explained everything to them about what did happened 10 years ago, saying he seriously disagree on Decorski's hobby on decorating everything with rhinestones and Decorski's hate on him wanting to be in the darkness. He also said that he wanted to shine just like his wife but then had no courage to do so and wants to create a world of darkness of despair to know his true pain. As the group found out he has the last Deco Stone, Angela attacked him as he spit out the last and final fragment. They all knew that the Yami Stone is the reason for his behavior as the rest of the stones wants the final fragment but it can't due to its high amount of corruption and will take a while. However this means its goodbye for the Kira Deco 5 as they all need to return to their world. Each of the members of the Kira Deco 5 said their goodbyes to their Jewelpet partners as they each give each other a farewell gift. As they all settled in, they returned to the Kira Kira Shop to see the statue of Queen Jewelina arriving on the spot as she revived Labra, holding a new Jewel Charm on her paws. As everyone are happy, they saw the final Deco Stone now been purified, returning to the others and completely repairing the Mirror Ball. Professor Decorski revealed her true identity to everyone as Jewelina's Spirit reborn in a new body as she fuses with Jewelina's statue, transforming into Decolina. The power of the Mirror Ball also revived Coal and is now reunited with the Dark General, Opal and Io. The new Jewel Charm that Labra has became a new Jewelpet named Rossa and everyone danced under the mirror ball. A few months later, Pink and the other humans returned back to the human world at last. As Pink is going to class and about to board the train, she finally has new courage to face her dreams as herself and never forgetting her friends back at Jewel Land.

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