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"Slow Life Yellow Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Both Ruby and Pink visited Sapphie's library house to see how Kiichi is doing in her place and saw a lot of Jewelpets around. Sapphie is busy reading and running the place until she notices the two. At the forest, Kiichi is listening to the sounds of the forest and relaxes as it reminds him of his birthplace. Retsu met up with him and told him that he should not lounge around and look for the Deco Stones instead. Kiichi wanders around as Retsu followed until they saw trees with food in it, Retsu is shocked on what is seeing. Back at Sapphie's place, she was greeted by Kiichi carrying food with him. The two experimented with the food and ended up in failure, as Kiichi told her to learn cooking instead. However, Sapphie is bad at cooking and it she even didn't like it, but surprisingly, Kiichi ate her bad cooking. The next day, as Ruby introduced Pink and Midori to the rest of the Jewelpets, Coal himself showed up and became their teacher, shocking Opal. He then used his magic to trap everyone inside the tent as they try to get out but with no avail and they were forced to show of something Deco to Coal. Sapphie and Kiichi woke up late as they were going to the academy by bus and later found out the others were in trouble. Back at the tent, Pink and the others were getting scolded by Coal on what they're showing, Sapphie and Kiichi needs to get to the tent in time to save them. Will they ever save the others from Coal this time around?

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