Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 7 English Subbed

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"The Mysterious Monster Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Retsu has once finished his tough training, determined to get another Deco Stone. He then sees something shining in the mountains and thinks it is another Deco Stone as he decides to investigate it, but he returns scared. The Jewelpets in town knew that there was a strange monster terrorizing the mountains. Pink and Ruby noticed the crowd and went to Retsu. She then asked her what happened to him as Retsu passed out of fright as all he said is Deco Stone. Pink and Ruby were getting concerned as more attacks happened to the rest of Pink's friends all over Jewel Town while Sapphie is thinking what caused this. Meanwhile, Coal is reporting in on the Decoranian about his failures on getting the Deco Stones before Opal and Io came in and told him about the reports on the mysterious monster attacks as he came up with a plan. Back at the Kira Kira Shop, everyone decided to go to the forest to find about the monster, but they then decided to watch the moon for a special report. Pink is shocked on how the Human World is almost being covered up in darkness and threatened everyone on Earth. Having no choice, she and Ruby ventured into the forest to see if the monster exist and get another Deco Stone. But as Coal took them into the forest, things are about to get worse. What is this strange monster lurking in the forest, and will they get another Deco Stone in time?

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