Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 9 English Subbed

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"Twice the Fun!? Deco!"
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Episode Summary: Ruby and Pink just recently woke up as they were greeted by Kiichi, who brought them their breakfast and left. Back at Sapphie's house, Sapphie showed to Kiichi about an interesting item called the Rainbow Egg, which contains an interesting species of bird that exist on Jewel Land. But as the egg doubles in size with Sapphie's magic and cracked open, it revealed its chick which looked like Kiichi himself and named him Kiichiro. The duo were also amazed on how good Kiichiro behaves that they introduced him to Pink and Ruby and then later on prepared food for Pink's friends. However the food that Kiichiro himself prepared made everyone gain a lot of weight and the only way to get back to shape is to be active. But when Kiichiro became sick, how will they save him and also became active? Meanwhile, Opal and Io informed to Coal about what happened last time regarding the Deco Stones and decides to plan a counterattack against Pink and the others.

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