Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Barreling Towards Hell"
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Episode Summary: Leon Yamada, is constantly bullying Oi-chan, a stereotypical geek. So Oi-chan sought a contract with Ai but he changed his mind after learning about the consequences. Leon, in turn, is in love with a high schoolgirl named Izumi Miyahara. He plans to confess his love for her and leave the gang he is in. However, Leon's gang leader, Rikiya Hashitsume, refuses to let him leave the gang. After Leon overhears Oi-chan talking about the Hell Girl, he makes Oi-chan show him the Hotline to Hell, wherein he submits the gang leader's name, not caring about the personal consequences. Rikiya tries to kidnap Izumi to stop Leon from confessing to her and, therefore, abandoning the gang. However, as he kidnaps Izumi, Leon sends him to hell. After continuing to bully Oi-chan, Leon steals his wallet and plans to finally confess to Izumi. While he's speeding down the street, however, he crashes around a bend against an oncoming truck and dies, immediately going to Hell. As a result, the flame on the candle with his name is put out.

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