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"The Girl Who Found Herself Robbed"
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Episode Summary: Ai makes her first appearance as a blue butterfly after having seemingly died and visit her companions in the form of a glowing blue butterfly unknown to them. Since her apparent death, they went on their own separate ways, working as ordinary people: Ren is scrubbing the floor of a small shop; Wanyūdō is working at a construction site; and Hone Onna is a bartender. Ai's new companion, Yamawaro, is first introduced when meeting Ren. Kikuri returns by possessing a doll and announces Ai's return. Once all of Ai's companions gather together, they enter a high school as staff and faculty where a girl with slightly rebellious tendencies named Itsuko Hiraishi is upset with her teacher Tange not only because he is strict but because he records every fault and mischief act he finds in a small black notebook. She attempts to get her friend, Akie Takasugi, to ask her father to fire him, but to no avail. That night, Ai visits a girl named Yuzuki Mikage, Itsuko's friend, where they kiss, allowing Ai to inhabit her body. As her dislike for Tange increases, Itsuko decides to frame him but her plan backfires. She decides to type his name into the Hell Correspondence website, receiving Yamawaro as a doll. After he confiscates her mp3 player, Itsuko leaves the classroom. At the end of the school day, Itsuko tries to find her MP3 player, and asks Mr. Tange where he put it, but is told that he threw it away. Hesitating after learning of the price involved, she finally snaps after another argument with him, pulls the string, and sends him to Hell, only to later regret her decision upon learning that he was not actually a cruel teacher. It turns out her mp3 player had been given to a friend to return to Itsuko, and the notebook that she thought Mr. Tange wrote in, was actually blank. Itsuko transfers the following day.

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